The little things that turn your event into a huge success.  Great ideas, gimmicks, and surprises for your guests.

How do you add the final touch to your event?

The answer lies in the small details.

“The Happy Balloon” proudly presents you with a variety of gimmicks and surprises for your guests.



Chocolate coins with customized engraving
Send  your guests home with a sweet memory from the event by giving them chocolate coins with the celebrator’s name and a design to fit the occasion.
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Filling a room with helium balloons
Bring excitement to your dear ones:  fill up the room with colorful helium balloons.
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Balloons for business events
Printing on balloons for special events and sales promotions,
Flying huge balloons to publicize and promote the business in an original way.
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Give your guests a sweet gift, literally
“The Happy Balloon” offers your  guests delectable chocolate-made presents suited to your event.  Tefillin  and Torah-shaped chocolates for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, cradle-shaped chocolates for a Brit Milah, and many more.
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Printed pens with a name stamp
Share a beautiful souvenir with your guests, printed pens with struck names and a spring that you can draw and see the food blessing.

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Napkin rings
 “The Happy Balloon” provides napkin rings to add a small but effective  embellishment to your event.

An unforgettable romantic moment
The bride and the groom dance “on a cloud” – a breathtaking moment to remember.
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