Our balloon services provide a wide variety of amazing designs and original ideas that will upgrade your event to a new level.

Our services:

Designing a colorful bouquet from balloons

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Paired Arches
Paired arches
Bundled arches

Make your child’s event unforgettable.
We offer a variety of balloons for a Brit Milah – in the shape of a pacifier, teddy bear, or a baby bottle.
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Balloon wedding  canopy
Because that once in a life-time moment deserves to be absolutely perfect
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Add a personal touch to the event
Bundled balloons to create  names and numbers for the event
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Balloon Nets
A net from which dozens or even hundreds of balloons are dropped.  An amazing display  that adds atmosphere at the highlight of the event.
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The Surprise Balloon
The Surprise Balloon is a big balloon measuring about 80 cm. with  50 carnival accessories. The Balloon is usually hung above the dance floor. When the bar/bat mitzvah celebrator is lifted high on a chair by family and guests, he/she pops the balloon,  and the carnival accessories - along with  confetti - shower down upon the guests. This attention-grabber is recommended for any bar/bat mitzvah - an unfailing hit!
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Designing Balloon Pools
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Thank You Balloons
The Thank You Balloon is an excellent gimmick that has lately become a hit at weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs along with  other celebrations: white balloons with customized text printed on them, such as: "Thank you for coming", the celebrator's name & the event's date, or: "Thanks and drive safely".

At the end of the event when the guests head back to the parking area, they find these balloons tied to all the cars.

Filling up a room with helium balloons for intimate events, birthdays and weddings
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Balloons for business events
Printing on balloons for special events and sales promotions,
Flying huge balloons to publicize and promote the business in an original way.
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Spice up an event – a variety of ways to fly balloons
Thrill your guests when hundreds of balloons rise above their heads into the sky at the highlight  of the event
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Walking balloons in the shape of Mickey and Minnie Mouse
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Dolls designed from balloons
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Balloon Bouquet Delivery to strengthen the bond
Excite the people close to your heart with balloon bouquets for birthdays, cheer up a “special someone” in the hospital , or just remind her how important she is to you…

Add an amazing gimmick to your event
An 8-meter tall dancing balloon doll
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Colorful confetti machines
Confetti machines are a great attraction at any event, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or any other party.

Renting helium tanks for self inflating of balloons
Renting helium tanks to inflate balloons by yourself gives you greater flexibility when designing the event.

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